Brewing with Lulu - Immerse


Read about Lulu's Hand before you start.


Step 1: Boil about 500 ml of water

1. Place and gently press the stainless steel filter setting it into the bottom of the base





Step 2: Set up Lulu's Hand for Immersion Brewing

Take the stainless steel filter and press it securely into the bottom of the stainless steel base.

2: Place and secure the Wonderlite © PC outer cup to the stainless base. Be sure to align the gap at the top of the outer cup to the handle of the stainless base


 Place and secure the Wonderlite© PC outer cup to the stainless steel base. Be sure to align the gap at the top to the handle.

3:   Align the round-slot along the rim of the water valve with the marking at the bottom of the stainless inner cup with the marking at the bottom of the inner cup

Take the stainless steel reservoir and turn it over. Align the small round indent on the twistable water valve to the round indent on the base of the reservoir (see picture).  

Place the stainless steel reservoir in the outer cup by aligning the protruding lip (this controls the water valve) with the handle of the stainless steel base. Turn and wiggle the reservoir slightly to make sure the reservoir is firmly placed.



Push the lip clockwise to close the water valve before adding coffee grounds.


 Place the prepared Lulu's Hand on top of your coffee cup and let the fun begin!

Step 3: 
Measure 15-18 grams of coffee grounds and distribute them evenly into the reservoir. We recommend grinding freshly roasted whole beans, to between coarse and medium-coarse grind, right before brewing. 


*Experiment with different grind levels to achieve different flavors. 


Step 4: 
Slowly pour 50-60 ml of hot water over coffee grounds and wait between 15-30 seconds, allowing the coffee to expand, or "bloom." We recommend using water between 90-95°C (195-205°F). 

Step 5:
Gently pour hot water into the reservoir until it is full. Allow for at least 10-30 seconds for immersion brewing. Push reservoir lip counter-clockwise, slightly opening the valve, to let coffee seep through.

 *You may want to experiment with immersion time to customize flavor to your taste.

Initial brewing generally takes about two minutes, producing about 180 ml of coffee. Once the reservoir is half empty, you may fill it up if you'd like to add more coffee to your cup. Push reservoir lip counter-clockwise, opening the valve wider to adjust drip speed as needed.

The complete brewing process takes about three minutes, yielding between 180-250 ml of coffee. Enjoy!

*To have precise control, we recommend an electric coffee scale and timer.

*Depending on the bean and roast, you might consider warming up the kit before brewing by first filling the reservoir with hot water and running it through.

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